Sergio Boscaro was born in the Italian city of Fosso, Venice on October 21st, 1941.

His father, Albano Boscaro, was a well-known businessman in the region due to his notorious participation in the real estate, entertainment and meat & slaughtering industries. In 1980, his contributions to the local economy were honored with the highest acknowledgement possible, receiving the “Cavalliere dell’Ordine al Merito della Repubblica” (recognized by the Italian Republic).

Mr. Boscaro attended his high school education at the “Collegio Salesiano Astori Mogliano” in Veneto, which he then concluded in 1958.

That same year, he heads to Viena, Austria, where he got enrolled in the career of Wirtschaft (Business Management). Besides coursing his college studies, he also joins one of the most prestigious footwear companies at the time, Ultraflex, where he also improves his German language skills.

A professional career blooms.

In 1963, Boscaro starts his successful professional career by taking the responsibility of modernizing and enhancing the process of footwear production at Quo Vadis shoe factory, located in Caracas, Venezuela. After achieving his objectives, he then moves back to the European market.

Once back in Europe (Leicester, 1964), he penetrates the UK market, continues his studies on Business Management and refines his English language skills. This allowed him to create strong commercial ties with the British Shoe Corporation (BSC).

In 1965, the young entrepreneur becomes sales agent and representative of the pioneer footwear companies in the Italian region, including but not limited to:
- Ca D´oro
- Baldan
- Ballin

As a result of his efforts and outstanding performance, Boscaro reached a privileged position in the footwear distribution in Northern Europe.

In 1968, Boscaro was named as an official partner in the Italian market for one of the most prestigious footwear companies in Germany at the time, Wendel Schufabriken.

Boscaro then founded the company LEBOLTEX, in Montecatini Terme, Italy. This company specialized in the footwear and leather markets. Click to see more details.

As a result of LEBOLTEX’s great performance, Boscaro was awarded the “Premio Qualita Italia” (Italian Wuality Award) in 1972. Click to see more details.

In that same year, 1972, he founded his first company in Germany, “Delta Schufabriken GMBH”. The company, which was located in Frankfurt-Rodelheim, became the second most important Italian-selling footwear company in the country along with the firm Wendel. Click to see more details.

In 1978, his company LEBOLTEX was awarded with the “Premio Citta di Montecatini” (Montecatini City Award). Click to see more details.

In 1979, the Italian entrepreneur transforms LEBOLTEX into an engineering & consulting firm, breaking into the international markets of technology for footwear and leather products (Leather Technology Marketing & Financing Consulting). This strategy was as a response to the fluctuations in the international production costs.

In 1980, as a result to the fluctuating markets, Boscaro founded and chaired “Consorcios Industriales de Aguacaliente S.A.”, in Costa Rica. The consortium included the following firms:

- Footwear company – ECCO
- Die cast company
- Bijou and chroming company – La Lima
- Laces company – Industria Nacional de Cordones
- Rubber company – Mid-America

The consortium was able to be converted into an auto-sufficient industrial complex. Click to see more details.

From 1981 to 1984, Boscaro founded and became the first Vice-President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Costa Rica, with full recognition from the Italian government. Click to see more details.

In 1982, Boscaro was awarded with the F.E.U.A Award in recognition to his contributions to the Costa Rican economy, in the city of Alajuela, Costa Rica. Click to see more details.

In that same year, the Costa Rican Chamber of Commerce awarded Mr. Boscaro with the “Exporter of the Year Award” in recognition to his outstanding contributions to the diversification and strengthening of the local economy. According to the official statistics of that year, Boscaro was situated among the best contributors to the growth of industrial exports into the country, thanks to the performance of the consortium of Aguacaliente S.A. Click to see more details.

In addition, during 1984 Boscaro carried the installation and operational development of the footwear company “Presto”, in El Salvador. Such company was developed under a “turn-key” negotiation directly with the president of the country at the time, Napoleon Duarte. Click to see more details.

During 1985 in Nicaragua, Boscaro constituted the industrial complex “Pronto” which specialized in operations for the leather and footwear sectors. The project was developed in collaboration with the manager of H&M Company, Sr. Paul Atta Ramirez (Ex-Mayor of Managua).

Innovation and Development.

From 1985 to 1989, Boscaro led the financial management and start-up phase of the touristic complex Montelimar, in Nicaragua. The project was signed directly with the Minister of Tourism at the time, Mr. Hertye Lewites. The touristic complex is still up and running. Click to see more details.

In 1992, under a “turn-key” settlement, Boscaro led the creation of the footwear company Filanto Engineering, in Albania, which was the largest company in the country at the time. He took charge of the constitution of the firm and training of personnel. Click to see more details.

From 2000 to 2003 he initiates his role as promoter and commercial director for Woodall Italy. The company manufactured aluminum profiles with wood-like impressions through a powder-coating system. Click to see more details.

A New Era.

In 2004, Boscaro ventures into a new sector in the world of business. He acquired a farm in Nicargua due to its high potential for renewable energy projects, which then served as stepping-stone to promoting such projects in other countries in the region (Central America and the Caribbean).